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Fed up of jargon? Me too.

Updated: Jul 13, 2018

Over the past week in my office job I've been settling some interns into their placements in the world of accountancy. Like any new starters they're keen to get going and excited about the challenges ahead. They're super bright with brilliant mathematical minds and it's easy for me to assume that they know what they're doing. It's quite tempting to give them something to get on with expecting that they'll instantly be able to do a great job with it, but I keep reminding myself that actually they are completely new to the world of work, the world of accountancy, and as it happens, what I do in the office is actually quite technical, I've been working for 15 plus years afterall.

The approach that I'm taking with them is to explain things well, not use jargon and give them the opportunity to ask questions. I never assume a base level of knowledge when I start explaining anything to them, and this is exactly the type of approach I take with my clients.

Just because you've started your business, it doesn't mean you're a finance expert, and you probably don't want to be one either. But you also don't want to completely devolve yourself of all the financial responsibilities of running your business, in fact legally you can't anyway.

So I'm not going to just give you a report and expect you to know what to do with it, and I'm not going to squirrel away your financial information until the end of the year when I'll bombard you with questions to complete your tax return. Instead, these are the ways I work with my clients.

  • We have an introductory meeting which is an opportunity to discuss what you need from me.

  • My prices are clear and fixed. You know what you need to pay each month.

  • I get your accounts up to date with as little stress for you as possible.

  • I highlight key issues in your figures and talk about next steps.

  • We have a regular meeting to review and for you to ask questions.

  • I'm on the phone and email for my monthly and quarterly clients.

  • And, I keep things jargon free.

And if I'm ever guilty of using jargon, let me know. I really need to know!

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