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6 reasons you need a bookkeeper

Updated: Jul 13, 2018

I often get asked, "so... I have an accountant, so why do I need a bookkeeper?" Here are 6 reasons you need a bookkeeper now.

1. To give you support during the year

Your accountant's there to help you at the end of the year but they might not be helping you with the day to day stuff. Your bookkeeper is your friendly finance person to help you out throughout the year by helping you keep on top of your business finances from day to day, and if they do a good job of your bookkeeping, it should save you money with your accountant at the end of the year.

2. To give you your Saturday nights back

Bookkeepers' bread and butter work is the weekly and monthly finance admin which you're probably working on late on a Saturday night when you'd rather be doing something else. Hiring a bookkeeper will free up your time to do something much more interesting.

3. To take away your bag of receipts

If you've been trading for a while now and haven't really worked out what to do with the paperwork, or you've been keeping a spreadsheet and it's become a bit complicated or you haven't had time to update it, your bookkeeper can take everything away for you and put it into an accounting system for you.

4. To give you the information you really need about your business

A good bookkeeper won't just record your transactions for you, they'll also show you how to use your accounting system to get the information you really need about your business.

5. To sort out your processes

Small businesses often favour spreadsheets for keeping their accounting records, and they can become complicated and difficult to keep up to date as a business grows. Small businesses often end up with lots of manual work-arounds which become cumbersome and confusing. A good bookkeeper can really help sort this out, they can help you set up processes which are best practice, and easy to follow.

6. To give you peace of mind

By hiring a bookkeeper, you'll know that a financial professional is casting their eye over your figures. You'll know that transactions are being recorded correctly and that you are up to date. This will make everything easier for you at your year end, and will help make sure you have the financial information you need, to understand different things about your business throughout the year as you need to.

If you'd like to talk to me about monthly bookkeeping for your business please check out my services page or get in touch.


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